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Oia windmill
Majestic windmill proudly perched atop this Cycladic island
Santorini, Greece
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Renowned church
Famous Panagia Paraportiani in the Kastro (medieval fortress), c. 1425
Mykonos, Greece
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Landmark Windmills
Windmills of Mykonos overlooking beachfront taverna and Little Venice harbor
Mykonos, Greece
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Little Venice of Mykonos
Painted balconies of Venetia, Little Venice, officially, Alefkandra, the artist's quarter
Mykonos, Greece
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The Parthenon
The symbol of Greece, the Parthenon, splendidly rests upon the Acropolis
Athens, Greece
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Temple of Poseidon
Temple of Poseidon stands majestically on the Promontory (5th c. BC)
Cape Sounion, Greece
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Epidavros Theater
Epidavros - ancient theater built 4th c. BC to seat 14,000 in Mycenae
Peloponnese, Greece
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Delphi altar
The Tholos (altar) of Athena Pronaia
c. 380 BC
Delphi, Greece
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Largest Petrified Trunk
Largest known standing, petrified trunk of Sequoia ancestry, 20 million years old
Lesvos (Mytilini), Greece
L1583F Order Info
Meteora Landscape
Agia Triada (Holy Trinity), monastery used in the James Bond film For Your Eyes Only
Meteora, Greece
L1595F Order Info
Monasteries of Meteora
Roussanou Monastery (13th c.), accessible by small bridge from another peak
Meteora, Greece
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Towering rocks of Meteora
Roussanou Monastery (13th c.), overwhelmed by towering rock outcrops
Meteora, Greece
L1597F Order Info
Isthmus of Corinth
Built 1881-1893, this 4 mile long passage separating Peloponnese from mainland revolutionized shipping in the Mediterranean
Corinth, Greece
L1605F Order Info
Hadrian's Wall
Hadrian's Wall (c. 130 AD)
Stretching 74 miles coast to coast
Northern England
L1620F Order Info
Big Ben
The clock tower of Parliament (315 ft high) is named for its 13 ton bell, Ben
London, England
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Shriners Medinah Temple
80 yr old Islamic arabasques, stained glass windows and arches is a Chicago architectural landmark
Chicago, Illinois
L1743F Order Info
Buckingham Memorial Fountain
Dedicated in 1927 and designed by Edward H. Bennett to represent Lake Michigan with 4 seahorses symbolizing surrounding states
Chicago, Illinois
L1745F Order Info
Georgia Pink Marble Fountain
Buckingham design influenced by Latona Basin in Louis XIV's gardens at Versailles
Chicago, Illinois
L1746F Order Info
Mather Tower
One of city's most slender and Modernistic skyscraper clad in Gothic-inspired terra cottta, built 1928
Chicago, Illinois
L1753F Order Info
Chicago Water Tower & John Hancock
Completed in 1869, a national landmark of Gothic style using Joliet limestone blocks, survived the Great Chicago Fire of 1871
Chicago, Illinois
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Photos: 1 - 20 of 83 1 2 3 4 5 | Next 20 >> | View All Page: 1 of 5

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