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Doors & Windows
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Historic Double Doors of Lesvos
Two-flap wooden door covered with copper, nail trim & antique door knockers
Lesvos (Mytilini), Greece
L1581F Order Info
Antique Door-Knocker
Antique door-knocker unique to Eressos, also hometown of the poet Sappho
Lesvos (Mytilini), Greece
L1582F Order Info
Eressos Window
Distinctive island village of boldly painted, wooden shutters in the northeast Aegean
Lesvos (Mytilini), Greece
L1588F Order Info
Hydra Mule
On this traffic-free island, our four legged friend takes a well-deserved break
Hydra, Greece
L1591F Order Info
Shriners Medinah Temple
80 yr old Islamic arabasques, stained glass windows and arches is a Chicago architectural landmark
Chicago, Illinois
L1743F Order Info
Mather Gothic Windows
Ornamental, terra cotta detail bordering the tower windows are Gothic-inspired
Chicago, Illinois
L1754F Order Info
Reliance Building Chicago Window
Built in 1895, the glass-covered exterior of this building became the direct ancestor of today's glass-and-steel skyscrapers
Chicago, Illinois
L1777F Order Info
NBC Tower Entrance
NBC peacock logo decorates the entrance, which is integrated with the reproduction art deco style of the postmodern skyscraper
Chicago, Illinois
L1790F Order Info
Ehrenberg entryway
Gazing through the Ehrenberg entrance into dense Alpine forest
Reutte, Austria
L1924F Order Info
Castle window
View of Tirolean mountains through ruins of Ehrenberg Castle window
Reutte, Austria
L1928F Order Info
Ehrenberg ramparts
Ramble through fortification ramparts and discover framed scenes of nature
Reutte, Austria
L1929F Order Info
Portofino windows
Glitzy town boastfully displays classic Ligurian architecture
Portofino, Italy
L2011F Order Info
Menton window
Typical worn shuttered window along Rue de Vieux-Chateau
Menton, France
L2717F Order Info
Amboise timbers
Half-timbered architecture greets visitors in this Leonardo Da Vinci town
Amboise, France
L2754F Order Info
Colmar Architecture
Alsace town with distinct French shutters with German half-timbering forms a unique, colorful ambience
Colmar, France
L2758F Order Info
Doorway tablet stones
Now for decoration, the small size & simple motif represent Hutong family of common status
Beijing, China
L3215F Order Info
Wealthy hutong
Ornate lion stone tablets & elaborate roof painting depict hutong of imperial family status
Beijing, China
L3220F Order Info
Hutong entrance
Open doorways reveal harsh reality and strong sense of community amongst Hutong families
Beijing, China
L3225F Order Info
Red Doors For Prosperity
Wealthy hutong entrance of red and gold wooden studs, opens to a siheyuan (four-walled courtyard)
Beijing, China
L3238F Order Info
Watchtower window
Deserted watchtower offers colorful mountain vista with Simatai Great Wall in the distance
Hebei Province, China
L3345F Order Info
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