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Castles & Chateaux
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Molyvos Panorama
Molyvos (Mithymna), castle-crowned village of colorful, tiered stone houses overloooking the sea
Lesvos (Mytilini), Greece
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Molyvos Up Close
The Genoese fortress caps the town of restored Ottoman-style houses of red tiled roofs
Lesvos (Mytilini), Greece
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Methoni Castle
Venetian fortress, 13th c., built on the Ionian sea to safeguard their newly acquired empire
Methoni, Peloponnese
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Castle of Chillon
Built on edge of scenic Lake Geneva with 1st written reference made in 1160; its prison inspired Lord Byron's famous poem, The Prisoner of Chillon
Veytaux, Switzerland
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Austrian Castle (Ehrenberg)
13th c. ruins of Ehrenberg Castle repelled 16,000 Swedish soldiers in defense of Catholicism
Reutte, Austria
L1925F Order Info
Ehrenberg magnified
Approaching brooding fortification in the sky after steep Alpine climb
Reutte, Austria
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Italian Riviera's Cinque Terra
The colorful village of renowned pesto topped off with its own medieval castle along the rugged coastline
Vernazza, Italy
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Historic Prague view
Historic Prague Castle surrounded by Europe's best-preserved Baroque city
Prague (Hradcany), Czech Republic
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Mosel Valley Castle
Majestic Burg Eltz (12th c. castle) survives in the Mosel Valley forest
Munstermaifeld, Germany
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Hohenschwangau Castle
King Ludwig's boyhood home, originally built 12th c., sits quietly nestled in the stunning Bavarian Alps
Hohenschwangau, Germany
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Neuschwanstein Castle
King Ludwig's most famous castle built from 1869-1886 in the heart of Bavaria
Hohenschwangau, Germany
L2425F Order Info
Castelo dos Mouros
1,000 year old ramparts built by the Moors offers a wonderful panoramic view of Lisbon proper
Sintra, Portugal
L2514F Order Info
Moorish Castle
Climbing the 1,000 year-old stone remains of the Castelo's steep, winding staircase
Sintra, Portugal
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Dordogne Chateau
Historic chateaux with formal gardens intermingle with ancient caves in the fertile Dordogne River Valley
Souillac, France
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Carcassonne - La Cité
Europe's ultimate walled fortress city of Roman foundations and 13th c. improvements with towers, turrets, & cobblestone alleys
Carcassonne, France
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Chenonceau Chateau
Reflections of elegant 16th c. Chateau de Chenonceau (Chateau des Dames)
Loire Valley, France
L2745F Order Info
Chenonceau on River Cher
Chenonceau's bridge, a Florentine-style gallery, stretches 60m across the river
Loire Valley, France
L2746F Order Info
Chambord Chateau
Chambord, the largest chateau in the Loire Valley with its tremendous skyline
Loire Valley, France
L2750F Order Info
Chambord equestrians
Once the vast hunting grounds of French royalty, now a peacful equine retreat
Loire Valley, France
L2751F Order Info
Chambord Double Staircase
Supposedly designed by Leonardo da Vinci, these two innovative flights of stairs spiral around each other
Loire Valley, France
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