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Acropolis of Lindos
Remains of the 4th c. BC Athena Sanctuary of Doric columns with commanding rugged island views
Rhodes, Greece
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The Parthenon
The symbol of Greece, the Parthenon, splendidly rests upon the Acropolis
Athens, Greece
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Temple of Poseidon
Temple of Poseidon stands majestically on the Promontory (5th c. BC)
Cape Sounion, Greece
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Poseidon Columns
Situated in the southernmost point of Attica, the Classical columns are approx. 3 ft in diameter & 20 ft high
Cape Sounion, Greece
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Epidavros Theater
Epidavros - ancient theater built 4th c. BC to seat 14,000 in Mycenae
Peloponnese, Greece
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The Arch of Galerius
The Arch, erected in 305 to celebrate Galerius' costly victory, straddles the original Via Egnatia
Thessaloniki, Greece
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Delphi altar
The Tholos (altar) of Athena Pronaia
c. 380 BC
Delphi, Greece
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Delphi temple
The Temple of Apollo
Built end of 7th c. BC
Delphi, Greece
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Largest Petrified Trunk
Largest known standing, petrified trunk of Sequoia ancestry, 20 million years old
Lesvos (Mytilini), Greece
L1583F Order Info
Hadrian's Wall
Hadrian's Wall (c. 130 AD)
Stretching 74 miles coast to coast
Northern England
L1620F Order Info
Historic Split
Black granite Egyptian sphinx (15 BC) flanks entrance to Diocletian's mausoleum
Split, Croatia
L1845F Order Info
Pula Roman Amphitheater
Built 1st c. from local limestone, 6th largest in the world, with space for 22,000 spectators
Pula (Istria), Croatia
L1847F Order Info
Arch of the Sergians
This majestic arch (27 BC) marks the beginning of Via Sergia, which winds around the atmospheric old town
Pula (Istria), Croatia
L1848F Order Info
Austrian Castle (Ehrenberg)
13th c. ruins of Ehrenberg Castle repelled 16,000 Swedish soldiers in defense of Catholicism
Reutte, Austria
L1925F Order Info
Ehrenberg magnified
Approaching brooding fortification in the sky after steep Alpine climb
Reutte, Austria
L1926F Order Info
Ancient ruins of Pompeii
Buried under hot mud and volcanic ash by the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in 79 AD
Pompeii, Italy
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Paestums' Greek colony
Temple of Ceres (510 BC) built in Greek colony of Poseidonia with all columns still standing
Paestum, Italy
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Ancient Appian Way
Via Appia Antica, 4th c. BC, stretches 700km from Rome's San Sebastian Gate to Brindisi, a wonder of its day
Rome, Italy
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Castelo dos Mouros
1,000 year old ramparts built by the Moors offers a wonderful panoramic view of Lisbon proper
Sintra, Portugal
L2514F Order Info
Moorish Castle
Climbing the 1,000 year-old stone remains of the Castelo's steep, winding staircase
Sintra, Portugal
L2515F Order Info
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