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South Africa
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Durban Harbor & Skyline
The country's busiest port is also the center of tourism due to warm climate and abundant beaches
Durban, South Africa
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Durban Boats
Colorful harbor boats front city's unique skyscraper architecture
Durban, South Africa
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Durban City Hall
Designed by Stanley G. Hudson in 1910, the city hall is almost an exact replica of Belfast's City Hall
Durban, South Africa
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City Hall under the Palm
Although modeled after Belfast's City Hall, this city hall with its 48m high dome is in a tropical climate
Durban, South Africa
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Hibiscus Coast Reflection
Historical estate on mouth of estuary is site of 1552 Portuguese shipwreck, the Mighty St. John
Port Edward, South Africa
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Wild Coast Aloes
Aloes abound along the Hibiscus and Wild Coasts dotted with popular holiday resorts
Wild Coast, South Africa
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Victorian Gothic-Style Clock Tower
The Clock Tower is an icon of the old docks on the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront and has become an important focal point in the Waterfront's recent urban design
Cape Town, South Africa
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Victoria Wharf with Table Mountain
The flat-topped mountain formed 250 million years ago is the city's most recognizable & dominant backdrop
Cape Town, South Africa
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Table Mountain
Table Mountain looms over the city center, thought to be most climbed peak in the world with 350 paths to the summit
Cape Town, South Africa
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Cape Town City Center
The City Bowl, central business district, ranges from early Cape Dutch to Malay to modern architecture
Cape Town, South Africa
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Cape Town University
Country's oldest university (1829), classic style Jameson Hall is focal point of Upper Campus on slopes of Devil's Peak
Cape Town, South Africa
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The Rhodes Memorial
Designed by Sir Herbert Baker in 1912 as a tribute to Cecil John Rhodes on the slopes of Devil's Peak
Cape Town, South Africa
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Bo-Kaap Suburb, Chiappini Street
Traditional pastel cottages of the Cape Malays (Cape Muslims) on the slope of Signal Hill
Cape Town, South Africa
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Bo-Kaap Doors
Malay Quarter doors and windows complement the colorful facades on Chiappini Street
Cape Town, South Africa
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Bo-Kaap Facade Detail
Different perspective of Bo-Kaap's 19th c. Dutch & Georgian terraces and unique architecture detail
Cape Town, South Africa
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Malay Quarter Archway
Archway looks out over Bo-Kaap's colorful, narrow fronted houses, mosque, and cobbled streets
Cape Town, South Africa
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Chiappini Street with Mosque
Hilly Chiappini Street in Bo-Kaap with gray-blue, pastel mosque in foreground
Cape Town, South Africa
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Malay Quarter against Modern Backdrop
Bo-Kaap traditional architecture mingles with the city's modern structures
Cape Town, South Africa
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Bo-Kaap Blue Mosque
Neighborhoods of Bo-Kaap commonly contain mosques wedged between homes of residents
Cape Town, South Africa
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Bo-Kaap Windows
Malay Quarter neighbors complement their pastel colors
Cape Town, South Africa
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