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Portofino windows
Glitzy town boastfully displays classic Ligurian architecture
Portofino, Italy
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Portofino harbor
Fishing boats rest in this famous piccolo harbor
Portofino, Italy
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Portofino seabirds
Seabirds peacefully enjoy the tranquil harbor before taking flight
Portofino, Italy
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Panoramic Portofino
Scenic harbor town famous for its vivid architecture and yachting guests
Portofino, Italy
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Ancient ruins of Pompeii
Buried under hot mud and volcanic ash by the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in 79 AD
Pompeii, Italy
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Naples Streetlife
Once a thriving Greek commercial center, this city retains its lively existence peering down its narrow streets of compact humanity
Naples, Italy
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Gondolas on the Grand Canal
Multi-color Venetian buildings line the world renowned Grand Canal
Venice, Italy
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Santa Maria on the Grand Canal
Magnificent Santa Maria della Salute, completed 1682, graces the Grand Canal
Venice, Italy
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Bridge of Sighs canal
Walk the Bridge of Sighs from the lavish Doge's Palace to the Prison
Venice, Italy
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Venetian canal
Europe's best preserved big city of endless canals and bridges
Venice, Italy
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Rio di San Barnaba
Characteristic Venetian architecture borders peaceful Rio di San Barnaba canal
Venice, Italy
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Italian Riviera's Cinque Terra
The colorful village of renowned pesto topped off with its own medieval castle along the rugged coastline
Vernazza, Italy
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Vernazza Harbor
Beachside harbor with pastel, vineyard backdrop and easy-going atmosphere
Vernazza, Italy
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Paestums' Greek colony
Temple of Ceres (510 BC) built in Greek colony of Poseidonia with all columns still standing
Paestum, Italy
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Piazza of Siena
Tuscany's famous piazza with its 100-meter-tall tower & city hall backdrop
Siena, Italy
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Florence sunset landscape
This Renaissance town's famous bridge, Ponte Vecchio, spans the Arno River
Florence, Italy
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Florence Duomo
Brunelleschi's magnificent dome epitomizes town's claim to fame, home of Renaissance
Florence, Italy
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Tuscan village of Pienza
Early morning stroll along via dell' Amore in a peaceful Tuscan village
Pienza, Italy
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Pienza villa scene
Tranquil holiday in a Renaissance villa with a view of the Tuscan Val D' Orcia
Pienza, Italy
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Sunrise over Tuscany
Vibrant sunrise over Italy's medieval hilltowns, famous for fine wine & cheese
Tuscany, Italy
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Photos: 1 - 20 of 39 1 2 | Next 19 >> | View All Page: 1 of 2

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