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China & Hong Kong
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Beijing Hutongs
Charming maze of narrow passageways & courtyards once dominated this city
Beijing, China
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Doorway tablet stones
Now for decoration, the small size & simple motif represent Hutong family of common status
Beijing, China
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Wealthy hutong
Ornate lion stone tablets & elaborate roof painting depict hutong of imperial family status
Beijing, China
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Hutong entrance
Open doorways reveal harsh reality and strong sense of community amongst Hutong families
Beijing, China
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Hutong by bike
Locals navigate their private world of narrow lanes by bike, bells jingling
Beijing, China
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Vanishing hutongs
Visit this fast-disappearing community of quaint courtyards & intricate mesh of alleys before its too late
Beijing, China
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Red Doors For Prosperity
Wealthy hutong entrance of red and gold wooden studs, opens to a siheyuan (four-walled courtyard)
Beijing, China
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The Drum Tower
Drum Tower dates back to original 13th c. structure from which a drum used to beat the hours of the day and night
Beijing, China
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Seventeen-Arch Bridge
Stroll the 150m marble bridge spanning over Kunming Lake to South Lake Island at Summer Palace
Beijing, China
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Summer Palace Architecture
Elaborate Qing-style architecture found strolling the grounds of China's grandest imperial summer home
Beijing, China
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Duobao Glazed Pagoda
Unique pagoda is made of glazed components decorated with tiny Buddha statues (Qing Dynasty)
Beijing (Summer Palace), China
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Chinese Lion
Common symbol seen flanking entrances to imperial palaces & buildings of importance
Beijing (Forbidden City), China
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Temple Tiles
Imperial color of yellow glazed tiles dominates palace complex of Ming & Qing Dynasties
Beijing (Forbidden City), China
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Forbidden City Urn
Now purely decorative, once these enormous bronze urns held water for extinguishing fires
Beijing, China
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Imperial Garden Pavillion
Symmetrical and ornate pavillion rooftops depicted in the Imperial Garden of the Forbidden City
Beijing, China
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Great Goose Pagoda (Da Yan Ta)
Built in 648 AD during Tang dynasty, houses valuable scriptures from India
Xian, China
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North Peak (Bei Feng)
Visit Huashan and hike to sacred, Daoist temples dangling from precipitous cliffs
Huashan, China
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Good health custom
Conquer Huashan steep peaks and have your name engraved on padlocks for good health
Huashan, China
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Jinshanling Great Wall
Jinshanling section contains 67 unique watchtowers approximately 150m apart
Hebei Province, China
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Jinshanling Great Wall
120km from Beijng, first built in 6th c. during the Northern and Southern Dynasties
Hebei Province, China
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Photos: 1 - 20 of 63 1 2 3 4 | Next 20 >> | View All Page: 1 of 4

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